SPARK is for grown-ups, too!

What is SPARK?!

spark: a tiny but powerful light that can brighten the darkness

We all have been created with unique gifts and talents to bring light to our world. When we ignite those special gifts, we can SPARK and make the world a better place!!!

Susi Sivkov, founder of 'I Can SPARK', is a wellness coach, author, national speaker, and busy mom. Her programs, video blogs, and books inspire us to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit so that we can capture our SPARK and share it with the world! 

"I can SPARK! I can SHINE!

With a healthy body, heart, and mind!"


Spark Sessions

with Kahri and Susi

Kahri and Susi bring some extra fun to their book, SPARK Forever.
Their SPARK sessions will light you up even if you haven't read the book!!!
Free PDF: Nature Fun-Sheet
Free PDF: Quiet Time
Free PDF: Positive Thoughts


Trickshots and Inspiration with Kobe


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'SPARK Passport' Journal!

Kahri and Susi have traveled around the world to find SPARK lessons to share with you. 

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3. Write your thoughts in your SPARK Passport journal.

SPARK Around the World


The Greatness in YOU

is a message of hope and purpose that teaches us that we are made from LOVE and for LOVE. The Greatness in YOU walks us through a conversation between parent and child as the child discovers the greatness of creation that is also within him. 

SPARK Forever! A True Beauty Course

helps you discover your unique gifts and purpose... your True Beauty,  Just as a flower’s roots, stems and leaves must be healthy for the petals to be beautiful, your mind, body and spirit must be healthy for you to bring beauty to the world. Includes journal funsheets for self reflection.


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Breath of Life

When losing a loved one, a simple children’s book couldn’t cover it all. But 'Breath of Life' helps start the conversation using the metaphor of a balloon to represent the joy of life, the experience of loss, and the beautiful memories that will always be with us.Included is a dedication page and a journal for your child to memorialize their lost loved one with special thoughts, pictures, and keepsakes. 

NotaRISE: Rise to Your Greatest Potential with Three to Thrive

Written for the notary community, but applicable to all of us, NotaRISE provides easy tips to busy entrepreneurs on how to create positive habits to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Susi Sivkov presents her Three to Thrive, providing simple concepts to help notaries rise to the next level in their personal and professional lives.